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Thailand Covid testing and case data gathered and combined from various sources for others to download or view

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Thailand COVID-19 Data

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Thailand COVID-19 case/test/vaccination data gathered and combined from various government sources for others to view or download.

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Data offered here is offered as is with no guarantees. As much as possible government reports and data feeds have been used effort has gone into making this data collection accurate and timely. This sites only intention is to give an accurate representation of all the available Covid data for Thailand in one place.

Links to all data sources are including in Downloads


Cases by Where Tested

Source of Confirmed Cases

Cases by Risk Group

Cases by Risk

To see cases for every province go to The Researcher Covid Tracker

Trending Up Confirmed Cases (by Provinces)

Trending Up Contact Cases (by Provinces)

Trending Up "Unknown" Cases (by Provinces)

Provinces with Most Cases

Provinces with Most Walkin Cases

Cases by Health District

Cases by Health District

Cases by Age

Ages of Confirmed cases

Unofficial Estimated Infections based on Deaths/IFR

Estimated Infections Thailand

Active Cases Since April 1st

Thailand Active Cases

Thailand Cases in ICU

Trending Up Severe Hospitalisations

Top Severe Hospitalisations


COVID-19 Deaths

Thailand Covid Deaths by Reason

COVID-19 Deaths by Health District

Thailand Covid Deaths by Health District

COVID-19 Deaths Age Range

Thailand Covid Death Age Range

Thailand Covid Death Age Range


Positive Rate

Positive Rate

PCR Tests in Thailand by day

Private and Public Tests

Private and Public Positive Results

PCR Tests by Health District

Tests by health area

Positive Rate by Health District

Proportion of positive rate contributed by health districts

Health Districts with high Positive Rate (ex. some proactive tests)


Vaccinations by Priority Groups

Daily Vaccinations in Thailand

Vaccinations in Thailand

Progress towards Full Vaccination

Progress towards Half Vaccination

Top Provinces by Vaccination 2nd Jab Top Provinces by Vaccination 1st Jab Lowest Provinces by Vaccination 2nd Jab Lowest Provinces by Vaccination 1st Jab

Vaccine Doses given by Heath District

Excess Deaths

Shows Deaths from all causes in comparison to the min, max and mean of Deaths from the 5 years pre-pandemic.

Thailand Excess Deaths by Region

Thailand Excess Deaths by Age

Thailand Excess deaths with Covid Deaths

Thailand Deaths Years Compared


How to contribute


Adding tests

Running just plots (or latest files)

Running full code (warning will take a long time)

You can just use the test framework without a full download if you want to work on scraping.



Made with python/pandas/matplotlib. Dylan Jay gave a talk on how easy it is to extract data from PDFs and powerpoints and plot data at Bangkok’s Monthly ThaiPy Event Video: “How I scraped Thailand’s covid data” (1h mark)

Why do this? Originally to answer the question “Was Thailand doing enough testing?” for myself and because Someone was wrong on the internet.


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