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Thailand Covid testing and case data gathered and combined from various sources for others to download or view

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Thailand COVID-19 Data

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Thailand COVID-19 case/test/vaccination data gathered and combined from various government sources for others to view or download.

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Data offered here is offered as is with no guarantees. As much as possible government reports and data feeds have been used effort has gone into making this data collection accurate and timely. This sites only intention is to give an accurate representation of all the available Covid data for Thailand in one place.

Links to all data sources are including in Downloads


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Weekly data from Oct 1st

From Oct 1st 2022 all covid data from the DDC has been released in weekly chunks. Data here will be displayed as daily averages and updates will be once per week (mondays?). In addition many of the data sources have stopped being published so many plots will no longer be change.



Deaths by Major Variant (Extrapolated from Surviellance)

COVID-19 Deaths

COVID-19 Deaths Age Range

COVID-19 Death Comorbidities and Risks


Estimated Daily Infections

Estimated Infections by Major Variant (Extrapolated from Surviellance)

Cases by Region

Bangkok Region - Central - Eastern - Western - Northeast A-N - Northeast N-Y - Northern C-N - Northern P-U - Southern C-P - Southern R-Y

Cases by Province

Cases by Patient Type

Cases by Risk Classification


Cases by Where Tested

Cases by Age

Cases and Social Distancing

Cases in Non-Thai

Case Fatality Rate


Vaccinations by Manufacturer

Vaccinations by Priority Groups

Vaccinations by Region/Province

Active Cases/Hospitalisations


Positive Rate

PCR Tests in Thailand by day

PCR Tests by Health District

Excess Deaths

Shows Deaths from all causes in comparison to the min, max and mean of Deaths from the 5 years pre-pandemic.

Testing, isolation and Vaccine assistance

How to contribute


Running just plots (or latest files)

The plots are produced from csv files made in

  1. Get the latest datasets release to speed up the process.
  1. You can comment out parts of to skip some plots.
    • In USE_CACHE_DATA only *_3.svg files are produced. 3 is for 3rd wave (since April 2021).

Running full code

  1. Extract the latest input files (~1.3G). This get the latest cache of documents to speed up scraping.
  1. To build the CSV files needed for plotting from the inputs downloaded above, from the root directory of the repo, run:
  USE_CACHE_DATA=True python
  1. If many days have passed since the last run then return to step 1. or slightly slow but smaller download is to download the latest datasets files which will speed up dashboard scrapping which is the slowest part.

  2. If you really need to ensure all the files are scraped again then

Running Tests (scraping)

$ sudo gem update bundler
$ bundle config set --local path vendor/bundle
$ bundler install
$ bundle exec jekyll serve



Made with python/pandas/matplotlib. Dylan Jay gave a talk on how easy it is to extract data from PDFs and powerpoints and plot data at Bangkok’s Monthly ThaiPy Event Video: “How I scraped Thailand’s covid data” (1h mark)

Why do this? Originally to answer the question “Was Thailand doing enough testing?” for myself and because too many people were wrong on the internets.


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